Since I was a child I dabbled in photography. However, only since 2006 did I begin to take this medium seriously. I approached it in the same manner I did when I trained as a painter; carefully honing my new practice directly and with the same intensity.

Urban picture-making matched with my dramatic visual story-telling is an approach to photography. The similarities to “combat” photography are striking. However, my subject matter is diverse. I examine an imaginative personal perspective that many like myself, who navigate the various aspects of the city, might miss. The mundane for me becomes extraordinary or curiously profound; those situations, places and things are caught so that we later can look at them comfortably. 

I am mesmerized by many of the details in my own familiar neighborhood. But, my range is wide capturing much of the various diverse cultural communities in New York City. In doing so, I highlight the uniqueness of people and places I discover. 

My images shouldn’t be overwhelming, I hope instead that these newly found moments create a response as well appreciation. 

-Armando Nin

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I've never met Max B but when he was in prison, I mailed several envelopes from time to time filled with my personal 35mm photographs that were dating back to 2007.


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